Change does not come from Hope but by thinking locally, engaging nationally, and voting conservatively.

The Restoring Prosperity Fund is Political Organization dedicated to the principles of Free Enterprise, State's Rights, maintaining and controlling a Majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and reaching across the table to new allies and finding common ground with organizations and demographics that have been disenfranchised by the last four years of the current administration.

The Principles of a Free Economy and Personal Growth with its Personal Responsibility are shared by a majority Americans, regardless of their race, creed, color of their skin or station in life will. We believe voters positively respond to message of lower taxes, less regulation, more freedom and equal opportunity. With this as our guide, we will bring together voters that are overlooked by the political system.

Beginning in late 2012, we will deploy an aggressive field team in battleground states. We will defend the ideals of Right to Work in Michigan, and take on the Democratic Machine in WIsconsin, Florida, and Michigan. We have an opportunity to reverse course and make significant gains in states traditionally deemed property of the Democratic Party.

You have a voice this political season, we have the delivery system, together let's take back our government.